Papadopoulou, Sm. & Egglezou, F. (2013). Teaching for thinking and rhetoric: The contribution of rhetoric to the argumentative writinng of students in a Greek elementary school. In H. Van Belle, P. Gillaerts, B. Van Gorp, D. Van de Mieroop and K. Rutten Verbal and Visual Rhetoric in a Media World (pp. 176-183). Amsterdam: Leiden University Press


An optimum medium for developing abilities such as critical thinking and analysis of an argumentative text down to its components, is the early and systematic training of students in argumentative writing within a school context. An effective way of reaching this goal could be to expose the students to interactive pactives conducive to writing as a social act- able to «address self in society and social relation to self» (Shor, 1987, p. 95). Rhetorical pedagogy is closely related to this effort (freeley and Steinberg, 2009, p.3; Johnson, 1996, p. 46; Strnberg & Spear-Swerling, 1996, pp. 66-8).


teaching for thinking and rhetoric