Egglezou, F. (2020). Debate at the edge of critical pedagogy and rhetorical paedeia: Cultivating active citizens, Solsko Polje, Letnik xxx, številka 5–6, pp. 101-119

Within the context of the current research, our interest will be focused on two, distant in time pedagogical approaches, which emphatically underline the need as well as the possibility of students’ empowerment both as individuals and citizens: a) rhetorical paideia and b) critical pedagogy. In particular, we intend to examine whether the exchange of arguments within a debate may connect critical pedagogy to the teachings of classical rhetorical paideia, which begins with the sophistic movement (Egglezou, 2017). We firmly believe that such an attempt could contribute
to the pedagogical empowerment of students as critical thinkers and active citizens within the modern educational system.

Debate_at_the_edge_of_critical_pedagogy. Egglezou