Egglezou, F. (2019). Erasmus KA2+ Project “Oxford Debates for Youths in Science Education”: The Contribution of Oxford Debates in Deeper Learning of Science.In the proceedings of the international conference «Creating Conditions for Deeper Learning in Science» (Pallini, Greece, 29-30 June 2019), pp. 117-124. Pallini:Ellinogermaniki Scholi.

Abstract: The goal of the current paper is to present an innovative Erasmus+ KA2 project
in STEM and, especially, in science education which is inextricably interwoven
with the concept of deeper learning due to the use of argumentation and debate.
The “Oxford Debates for Youths in Science Education” consists of a strategic
partnership between scientific institutions of four European countries: Poland,
Greece, Serbia and Esthonia. It is addressed to students and teachers of STEM
education in Junior and High Schools (13-19 years old) and aims at promoting
and deepening students’ knowledge through their participation to argumentative
debates relative to modern controversial scientific topics.
Keywords: debates, STEM education, teaching Science, Oxford Debates, secondary education

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