Egglezou, F. (2016). Bakhtin’s influence: Α dialogic approach to teaching of argumentation. Journal of Mother Tongue Education, 4(1): 1-14.

According to Bakhtin’s theory, an argumentative text encompasses qualities such as
heteroglossia, polyphony and dialogism that enable the students’ transition from monologic to
dialogic cognition of others’ ideas. Such a knowledge may conduce to the dialogic formation of
argumentative writing and raise the students’ awareness on the argumentative genre.
Influenced by Bakhtin’s theory, the following paper presents an intervention case-study in
teaching argumentation conducted in a group of twenty four 12-year old students of a Greek
primary school. Data has been gathered from class recordings of role playing games, dialogic
interactions as well as from written argumentative texts. Results showed that the
aforementioned activities conduced, first, to the introduction of counter-arguments and
rebuttals in the students’ texts and, second, to the empowerment of their individual persuasive
Keywords: Βakhtin, dialogue, argumentative text, writing, primary school


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