Egglezou, F. & Nakas, Th. (2014). Figures of repetition in the performance of the Italian folktale, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(1), pp. 621-633

Abstract: This paper concerns the examination of stylistic features of the Italian folktale, presented through the use of figures of speech in a continuous correlation to the whole aesthetic of the genre as realized by the ‘law’ of repetition. The study, based on the analysis of hundred fifty-six transcribed oral Italian folktales is influenced by […]

Egglezou, F. (2016). Bakhtin’s influence: Α dialogic approach to teaching of argumentation. Journal of Mother Tongue Education, 4(1): 1-14.

According to Bakhtin’s theory, an argumentative text encompasses qualities such as heteroglossia, polyphony and dialogism that enable the students’ transition from monologic to dialogic cognition of others’ ideas. Such a knowledge may conduce to the dialogic formation of argumentative writing and raise the students’ awareness on the argumentative genre. Influenced by Bakhtin’s theory, the following […]